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Please Note: Dr. Murray is frequently asked to speak to groups and be interviewed by the media on matters related to sport and performance psychology. This helps to grow the field and increase public awareness of an important benefit. A sampling of some of Dr. Murray's recent interviews appears below. It should be noted that the confidentiality of Dr. Murray's clients is always preserved 100%. There will be no deviation from this standard. Any comments made voluntarily by a client and appearing in the public domain, were done so only at their own discretion. This is one of the benefits of "real sport psychology" services, by licensed providers. Professional confidentiality is always maintained.   

Dr. John F Murray Interviewed

Sports Illustrated Magazine
- Prisoners of Depression story by L. Jon Wertheim (September 8, 2003) on the need
for sport psychology in pro sports (for both clinical 
problems and performance enhancement). 

Sports Illustrated Online - Work in Sports - Interviewed by Mick McNulty about the field of sport psychology and what it's like to be a sport psychologist. (November, 2003)

Sports Illustrated For Women Magazine - Comments about competitiveness and goals

ESPN The Magazine - Photo from radio station and discussion of Dr. Murray's MPI (mental football rating system) and his sport psychology radio show in Florida

CBS National Radio -
Comments about pro basketball

Bloomberg National Radio Network -
Pre-Super Bowl 2003 discussion of the MPI and prediction that the Bucs would defeat the Raiders by more than 2 touchdowns

USA Today
- Martina Hingis and her maturity before the 2000 French Open

National Public Radio (NPR) -
Sibling rivalry between Venus and Serna Williams prior to the 2002 Wimbledon Final

Associated Press & many publications
- Jacksonville Jaguars' Decision to Hire Non-Licensed Sport Psychologists

Pan-American Sports Television Network
- Sport psychology and tennis interview by host Jose Luis Clerc

Sunshine Television Network
- Interviewed by host Dave Kozlowski on "Florida Tennis Talk" at the 2001 Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne

Multiple Radio Programs in the USA
- Improving mental skills in sport

Los Angeles Times
- The need for more Sport psychology services in college football

Investor's Business Daily
- Mental skills training in both golf and tennis

Tennis Magazine
- Multiple Mental Notebook and Mind games columns

Palm Beach Post
- Dr. Murray's new sport psychology radio program and a biography 

Sun Sentinel
- Dr. Murray interviewed on the Miami Dolphins' Mental Performance prior to a game with the New York Jets

Miami Herald
- On the MPI for football 

Palm Beach Post
- A story about criminal athletes

Palm Beach Post
- A story about Social Anxiety Disorder

South Florida Business Journal
- A story entitled "Brain Waves" about Dr. Murray's radio show

International Herald Tribune
- Pro football comments

Education Week
- Enhancing coaching in sports comments

U.S.T.A. Magazine
- Tennis psychology articles

Men's Fitness Magazine
- On the Olympic Mindset by David Higdon

Sport Magazine Austria
- On Stefan Koubek's win at the 2000 Citrix Tennis Championships, Smart Tennis European Tour 

Women's Sport & Fitness
- On tennis psychology

Tennis Pro Magazine
- On sport psychology

Vision Magazine
- On performance psychology in life

Men's Health Magazine
- On choking in sports 

Men's Health Magazine -
On goal setting in sports 

Florida Tennis
- Regular tennis psychology column and other articles (e.g., Queens Club tournament in London, 
the Elite mindset needed for sports)

New York Times, Ft. Lauderdale News-Sun Sentinel, and Houston Chronicle, and Gainesville Sun -
On Steve Spurrier's leadership skills at the University of Florida

Palm Beach Post
- On Mike Tyson's 2002 press conference outburst

Pre-Super Bowl 2003 Interviews: 
Prior to the 2003 Super Bowl, Dr. Murray made a prediction based on his mental football rating system in order to illustrate the benefits of the MPI to football teams and coaches and to show how important the mental game is in football   

Dr. Murray appeared on the following radio stations the week of the Super Bowl:  Bloomberg Radio Nationally (250 plus stations), WBBR New York City, WDJA West Palm Beach, WAXY Miami, Y100 Miami, WGNX Vero Beach,  WGLR Indianapolis, Oldies 103 Boston (before and after the game), WXLP Davenport, Iowa, KNFX & KWEB Rochester, Minnesota, KKAR Omaha, Nebraska, KBLL Helena, Montana, KDBR Flathead Valley, Montana, KGMY Springfield, Missouri, CJME Saskatchewan, Canada, KFIS Portand, Oregon, KOB Albeq. New Mexico. The Sporting News columnist Fritz Quindt discussed the MPI in his Super Bowl week radio circuit.

ESPN The Magazine featured a story called "Shrink Rap" on the MPI in the December 23, 2002 issue. The Lake City Reporter's Matthew Osborne published a story on the MPI called "Shrinking the Super Bowl" on January 23, 2003.  Other publications featuring the MPI pre-Super Bowl were the Tampa Tribune, Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, Modesto Bee, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Sporting News' Fritz Quindt talked about the MPI on Dr. Murray's radio show. 

All contents ©2003 John F. Murray, Ph.D. Use without permission strictly prohibited. For more information, contact John F. Murray, Ph.D. at:  or by calling 561-596-9898.