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Hi! Dr. John Murray here. Congrats for finding just one of the many tools I use to help football teams. While the MPI received national publicity last year,  accurately forecasting Tampa Bay's upset blowout in the Super Bowl, the real benefit of hiring a mental coach/sport psychologist is to gain valuable insight into the team and player's mental skill level. Mental training is the area most often neglected in sports because there are only a handful of authentic sport psychologists. Since every player is unique, by understanding the player's mental makeup, and then providing specific training, the player improves, the team improves, and winning is easier!

MPI results from the 2003 Super Bowl are below. However, this does not include the extensive written report that you will recieve. 

The MPI measures mental performance in football as seen in "focused execution" and "intensity/pressure management." Scores range from .000 to 1.000 and reflect degree of perfection in performance

                                              Tampa Bay
Total = .423
                                                       Total = .563
Offense = .389                                          Offense = .500
Defense = .430                                          Defense = .607
Special Teams = .481 
                               Special Teams = .644 

A precise analysis of the Raiders and Bucs scores on the MPI in the playoffs before the Super Bowl assisted Dr. Murray in saying that the Bucs would likely win by a huge margin. 

What is the MPI?

The Murray Performance Index™ (MPI™) is just one tool that sport psychologist Dr. John F Murray uses to quantify observed team mental performance in a football game. It is like an index of perfection, and the percentage scores indicate how close a team came to a flawless performance in a game.

How is the MPI useful?

The MPI provides a football team an accurate rating of how they "performed" in every phase of a game (offense, defense, special teams and overall) independent of the final score, which often does not reflect actual performance and can often be very misleading - causing players to either become overconfident or unjustifiably negative after a game.  It's just one of many ways to get players and coaches to thinking of excellence in focus, execution and pressure management.  

Why is it needed?

Players and coaches often minimize the extreme importance of mental skills in football. The MPI quantifies this important factor. Winning is the obvious goal of every game, but athletes often dwell on outcome. This often lead to inappropriate focus and lower than optimal performance. Teams become overly excited or discouraged after a game. The MPI shows them exactly how well they performed and where they need to improve!

The MPI is based on sport psychology principles, and provides the coaches and team a huge mental advantage over the upcoming opponent. Dr. Murray's brief interpretive summary after each game further explains how the team performed, what the numbers mean, and what steps are needed to improve mentally in their next game. 

 How do the numbers relate?

      Scores are like a batting average in baseball, ranging from .000 to 1.000. .500 is average.  Teams set goals to reach a certain score. Dr. Murray predicts that if a team scores 70 or more on the total score, they will win the game 99% of the time. Scoring is based on set rules with some minor interpretive flexibility based on Dr. Murray's professional judgment and experience. 

How will the Murray Performance Index help my football team? 

       The MPI is just one tool, but it clearly shows how your team actually performed. By using the MPI, Dr. Murray can quantify your team's pressure management skills and focus ability in crucial moments of a game. This is a useful springboard to illustrate how to improve these skills through individual and group work. 

 Please contact Dr. Murray by email at  or by telephone in the United States at: (561) 596-9898 or (561) 805-8662 (fax).

The below story appeared in the Arizona Republic - Jan. 30, 2003

"Football Shrink Called It"
The Raiders were favored in San Diego, but the Buccaneers would win  Dr. John F. Murray, sports psychologist and creator of the Murray Performance Index, told you so.

"The Football Shrink" used the MPI, which quantifies the degree to which a team performs to perfection, to forecast that Tampa Bay would dominate Oakland in Super Bowl XXXVII. His bold prediction - the Bucs would win by at least two touchdowns - was broadcast on  more than 270 radio stations in the week leading up to the game.

"Clearly the Tampa Bay defense was superb and much better than Oakland's offense, but the Buccaneers executed better in all phases of the game and handled pressure situations better," Murray said. 

"Their performance index, which was heading upward in their previous two playoff games, continued, and so did the Raiders' trend downward." The Buccaneers' 48-21 Super Bowl victory was reflected in the MPI scores from Murray's play-by-play analysis of the game. Tampa Bay compiled a .563 index out of a possible 1.000; Oakland, .423. Murray, a 41-year-old Ph.D. licensed sport psychologist, evaluated every NFL playoff game, assigning point values on each play. A 3-yard run may earn 50 points, a sensational clutch catch 100, a           play with penalty or turnover zero. Game totals range from 0 to 100           percentage points (perfection).

John F Murray, PhD – Licensed Sport Psychologist – Telephone:  561-596-9898

Murray Performance Index™ (MPI™) Copyright 2003 by Dr. John F. Murray, All Rights Reserved