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Smart Tennis: Reviews

Last fall, I was seriously considering completely giving up tennis.  Two years prior, after I had played working women tennis for twenty years, I retired and moved to a daytime league.  I experienced a mental breakdown of tennis skills from the pressure of new team and new level of competition.  Just as I thought I was getting a grip on things, I was forced to take a break from competition because of brain surgery for a discovered aneurysm.  When I returned to competition, the pressure I felt to do well was even more intense.  I searched every tennis book I could find for clues to the mental aspects of the game.  Each book had at least a small section but rarely more than "keep focused."   Just as I was about to call it quits, I discovered your book, Smart Tennis!!   I keep it by my bedside, it goes on every trip, I reread the chapter summaries before every important match. The visualization skills have helped me tremendously.  I just completed tryouts for a new team and I could not have withstood the pressure of the three days of round-robin (4 games, no-ad scoring with unknown partners and opponents) without using every technique you suggested to prepare myself for the experience.  I came though it feeling very positive about my performance.  Thank you for the best tennis instruction I ever had!!   
--Beverly Webb

This "recommended" book "goes through the important aspects in improving your mental game."
--International Tennis Federation Coaching and Sport Science Review - August 2000 issue

"I found that Smart Tennis provided lots of interesting and practical concepts useful to my training. I especially liked the chapter on imagery - it really helped."
-- Marius Barnard - ATP Tour Tennis Professional, ranked in the 40's in doubles

"Smart Tennis is a must for players at all levels-from beginners to Wimbledon champions! An outstanding book for understanding and improving your mental game."
--Vic Braden - Tennis Researcher & Fox Sports Commentator

"If you ever want to use the title of this book to describe how you played your last match, then Smart Tennis is for you."
--David Higdon -Tennis Magazine Senior Writer

"This is an excellent book of psychological skills that can be immediately applied on the tennis court."
--Dr. Paul Roetert-United States Tennis Association

"Murray's extensive playing and teaching background makes all the playing references genuine and accurate. The text is well-written, informative and easily absorbed. It's a good book for any level of player, especially for those looking for that extra mental edge."
--Jonathan Levey- Tennis Magazine

"Smart Tennis is an excellent resource for players of all levels"
--Tony Lance - Tennis Magazine

"Smart Tennis is an outstanding book for players and coaches who are trying to play and win the mental game."
--Tennis Pro Magazine - Magazine of the USPTR, Sept/Oct '99

"Smart Tennis gives some excellent advice on the mental side of tennis!
-- Ace - Britain's Biggest Tennis Magazine, Sept '99

"This book belongs on the list of essentials--with the extra shirts, socks, sweatbands, racquets, shoes and towels--for the tennis bag of any serious student of the game."
--Lawrence Jeziak--Tennis Week Magazine Television Correspondent

"John Murray has come out with a smartly written book for all levels of players who want to improve both on and off the court. Be it"
--Dr. Desmond Oon-USPTA Master Professional and Author of "Can Eastern Wisdom Improve Your Tennis?"

"John offered a practical approach in developing our player's mental skills during our team's best season ever - and first trip to the NCAA championship tournament. His expert knowledge of the game enabled him to relate well with the team, and he provided simple solutions for building mental toughness. In Smart Tennis, John articulately offers these same insights."
--Cari Groce-Division I Tennis Coach, Washington State University

"John Murray continues to produce cutting edge material on the mental side of the game. My expectation is that 20 years from now we will all regard John as one of the most influential tennis sport psychologists in history."
--Cliff Kurtzman-Editor in Chief, Tennis Server, 1999

"I assure you that Smart Tennis is the finest work on the mental aspect of the game that I have read ... and I have read most of them!" John Murray's book will go a long way toward helping you discover the right way to prepare for and deal with the mental challenges presented by competitive tennis."
--Ron Waite-USPTR Professional and Tennis Columnist

"Always losing to players you think you should be beating? If so, then you need Smart Tennis to help you develop the mental skills to be a winner!"
--Rob Cornell - Coaching Co-ordinator Melbourne Park Tennis-Home of the Australian Open, Ex-Regional Director for Peter Burwash International

"Although all of the chapters of Smart Tennis are excellent, I especially liked the chapter on confidence."
--Charlie Garfinkel - Racket sports columnist and world's former #1 ranked racketball player, The Buffalo News, October 24, 1999

"Great for players and solid for coaches and tennis teachers as a resource for great tips and checklists to use for recreational and competitive teams they coach. Both extremely comprehensive yet pleasant to read! Contains dozens and dozens of useful tips that can be quickly turned into clinic and lesson themes."
--Joe Dinoffer - President of Oncourt Offcourt, Inc. and USPTA Master Tennis Professional

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